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Grand Slam Tennis

and Politics


- Inevitable Drama!

 Let’s talk about tennis and politics! 

 The parallel  worlds of
 tennis and politics 


The fine lines on the court that separate points and destinies are the fine lines of political majorities and margins
that determine political fame and fate. Tennis players, like politicians, have nowhere to hide when they
conduct their craft. The public is a stern critic of them both. They practise intense professions where longevity
and consistency are elusive for most.

For a number of years now I have written a “state of the political and tennis world” article after every
Grand Slam tournament and this is how the articles will appear on the website. Occasionally, there are special
editions to comment on developments away from the tennis court, but the tennis is a constant motif.
Life as a lawyer and now as a politics teacher has taken me around Australia. Tennis, whether live or on the
screen has taken me around the world. I hope my thoughts about the parallel worlds of tennis and politics are
of interest and welcome your comments.

The Grand Slams


Aus Open


French Open




US Open

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